We love volunteers, be part of LTthrowdown Team!

We would be honored to have your help. We are grateful for your commitment and admire your passion. We are always looking for helping hands. Events like this stand and fall with the crew and judges that work tirelessly behind the scenes and out on the field in order to make things happen!

Without you none of this would be possible. If you would like to help out at The Lithuanian Throwdown, please take a moment to fill out the application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Read below for more information about the volunteer categories.

Team: Crew

The production of this event requires the moving of large loads, long distances, quickly. Expect to be fulfilling roles such as setting up, breaking down, and ensuring no barbell is left without its clips! This is a very crucial role that will make sure our event runs smooth and on time, which is of the upmost importance to our success. You also may be asked to fulfill other similar duties outside of this scope. However, please note, you will not be asked to judge.

Team: Judging

As a Judging Volunteer you will be on Team Integrity. As you are well aware our sport depends largely on the ability of the judge to be fair, accurate, and consistent. The quality of the judging at any event is usually indicative of its reputation and in large part, its success. You will be asked to judge an athlete based on their ability to adhere to the standards we set, as well as count their repetitions. They are both of equal importance. You also may be asked to fulfill other duties outside of this scope. However, judging will be your primary responsibility.